Since 1997 surrogacy has been legal in Georgia. In 2014 the government of Georgia tried to introduce some amendments to the law about surrogate motherhood. The amendments were connected with the prohibition of monetary compensation to the surrogates because of excessive commercialization of this medical service. But nowadays for-profit surrogacy is still legal in Georgia.

The Georgian legislation welcomes international guests who seek surrogate motherhood services. There are no additional complications the foreigners; after the baby’s birth the citizens of other countries can easily register their parental rights and take the child out of the country. The surrogate mother, according to Georgian Law, can’t claim her parental rights, her consent isn’t required for child’s registration since everything is regulated by the contract. This makes Georgia an attractive destination for the patients who are looking for surrogacy services.


Very few clinics and agencies in Georgia offer a service for homosexual couples and single people. Perhaps even our service is unique for Georgia. We understand and know the difficulties faced by patients from different European countries, such as Italy or Germany, so we offer exclusive conditions for your surrogate journey and complete support at all stages.

We do this because we are firmly convinced that everyone has the right to have a child, regardless of social status and orientation


  • We send you a list of necessary tests that you can do at your local clinics and send them to us.
  • We provide you with a list of surrogate mothers, from which you choose your preferred surrogate mother. The doctor begins to prepare her for the program.
  • Together we define a time frame that is comfortable for everyone and the program begins.
  • You will need to come to us in Georgia to get acquainted with our team, meet with a surrogate mother and sign all the necessary contracts.
  • All individually, but usually staying in Georgia will not exceed 11-12 days.

We already know that the most important question is what is happening with the papers. We assure you that you do not need to worry about anything. Our team deals with issues of civil registration. The child will be officially registered as a member of your family.

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