LGBT surrogacy services in Georgia

Surrogacy services have given childless couples and individuals a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have their own baby. Even though, surrogacy was introduced not so long ago, it has become a silver lining and the best alternative to adoption. Especially, it is appreciated by LGBT families and singles.

More and more countries allow LGBT people (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) to raise children as parents. For example, there are around 28, 000 kids brought up by same-sex families in the US only. Recent medical and social researches in Canada, Australia and the Netherlands have proved that gay parents can bring up psychologically and mentally healthy kids. And they do not differ from those, who are raised by heterosexual couples. Moreover, such children are quite well-adjusted, have less social problems connected with breaking the law. These kids do not differ in their gender role behavior and have less gender stereotypes.

Blood ties with the future baby can benefit a lot a gay and lesbian family building and a personal life as well. That’s why gay, transgender couples and single males mostly resort to surrogacy. Lesbian, bisexual families and single females prefer to use an artificial insemination approach. Mostly, they go through the same process as heterosexual couples and face the same difficulties. But there are some extra challenges they have to deal with:

Gay Parents with daughter

  • Legal part. There are many states where the surrogacy and artificial insemination are allowed. But there may be legal restrictions for LGBT intended parents and individuals. If you’re planning to expand your family, find an attorney who is experienced at LGBT adoption and fostering. Especially, if the process takes place in another country.
  • Expenses. Apart from general payments to the surrogate mother or an egg and a sperm donor, you’ll have to pay for certain legal services. To be recognized as parents, gay, lesbian couples or singles, have to go through 3 steps: to draft a surrogacy contract, pre-birth order and full adoption or stepparent adoption arrangements.
  • Discrimination. Even in our modern society there can be issues with homophobic attitude. And LGBT couples may face the bias from surrogacy experts, surrogates or donors.
  • Decide who will be genetically bounded with the child. It can be quite emotionally challenging for lesbian couples to choose who will carry the child. As well as for gay couples who will be a sperm donor. Sometimes, they even need to consult psychologists to solve emotional dilemma. And it will lead to additional expenses.
  • Find a donor or a surrogate. Both heterosexual and LGBT couples can have difficulties with choosing a donor. But there can be extra challenges for gays and lesbians to find those ,who will have no personal judgement toward their relationships.

To make the dream come true faster and without additional hassle, LGBT families and individuals can find a surrogate in Georgia. LGBT surrogacy in Georgia has the following advantages.

No restrictions. Georgian laws allow gay, lesbian couples and singles to go through surrogacy process.

Affordability. The cost of the surrogate compensation and legal support is significantly lower than, for example, in the USA.

Professional surrogacy agencies. There plenty of professional surrogacy agencies that are experienced enough to deal with foreigners. They offer not only medical and psychological assistance but also carrying out legal services. Each surrogacy center has an attorney, who arranges all the legal paperwork connected with surrogacy and adoption.

No discrimination. LGBT couples and individuals will face no homophobic attitude. Moreover, a lot of intended surrogates in Georgia are eager to help such families to be completely happy.


Surrogacy can be a rather challenging and tense process for all the people. And it doesn’t matter whether they are gay, lesbian or heterosexual. But numerous benefits afterwards are worth a try. Especially, if the right assistance is always ready to lessen your difficulties

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