Our Fertility Agency and LGBT People: How Do We Manage to Make Happy Anyone?

With the development of modern society, people have started to tolerate many things that they have never tolerated before. What earlier was a taboo now is almost normal. Many dogmas began to loosen their grip and stopped to influence individuals’ mind. However, society still has a suspicious and controversial attitude towards minorities, especially sexual. There are stereotypes that such people are different or even dangerous. They think differently, love differently, and have different priorities in life. So the marriages between gay or lesbian couples are still seen as something abnormal, unnatural and many people, especially religious believers, treat such relationships with hostility. And even though the most part of society can turn a blind eye to their private life, people start to oppose vigorously when it comes to LGBT adoption of a child. It is thought that LGBT (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans-genders) can’t bring up a socially and psychologically healthy child.

Nevertheless, contrary to the popular belief, the recent studies that have been carried out over several decades, have proven, that there is no difference in mental or psychological health between the kids, who are brought by heterosexual couples and those, who are raised by parents who belong to LGBT group. Moreover, such children are quite well-adjusted, have less social problems connected with breaking the law. These kids do not differ in their gender role behavior and have less gender stereotypes. Such children have an absolutely normal understanding of sexual relationships and are even more inclined to heterosexual vision of relations.

Does our medical center work with LGBT people?

Our clinic is free from prejudices against any sexual minorities. We understand the difficulties LGBT people should go through to gain their private happiness. They need to put in even more effort to prove that they can be the best parents. That makes their children the happiest because they feel immense love. In turn, genetic link to the child can benefit a lot a family life and a personal life as well. And it is the most important thing for us- to see that our clients’ families are absolutely happy.


28.02.2018 Surrogacy in georgia
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