Egg donation risks

But there can be some egg donation cons especially for the the donor. Among the most frequent are psychological and medical issues. The woman undergoes severe hormonal stimulation which may influence both physical and mental health. This may cause depression, mood swings, cramps, infection, egg ovаry overstimulation, menstrual disorders that in rare cases may lead to donor’s infertility.

At the same time, the cons of egg donation for the intended parents may include expenses on donor compensation and health insurance, agency fee and the cost of attorney’s services to draft the contract with the donor. Moreover, provided you need to use eggs again, you have to pay for their cryopreservation and storage.

Also, there is always a certain degree of possibility, that donor’s ovaries won’t produce enough eggs, or the egg donor may not attend the last procedure.
To become a donor, a person should meet obligatory egg donation requirements in Georgia:
1. To be in her mid or late twenties;
2. To be mentally and physically healthy;
3. The women mustn’t have any bad habits as smoking or drug addiction;
4. Has to have regular periods and no fertility illnesses;
5. Shouldn’t take any birth control medicine;
6. To be ready to be physically and psychologically examined and to be aware that the whole process may take up to half a year.
Also among desired requirements , but ,of course, not necessary is emotional eagerness to help couples to become full and happy families and acknowledging the whole importance of the process.

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