Artificial insemination questions to ask

artificial insemination questionsи to askEven though artificial insemination technique is not a new infertility treatment solution it still raises a myriad of questions by donors, by infertile couples and by recipients.

The first and foremost: what is artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is an alternative fertilize approach, when the male semen is transferred directly into uterus to achieve pregnancy in case the natural sexual intercourse is impossible.

Should I use a special fertility agency to use an artificial insemination approach or may I perform it at home?

To have a healthy child it is necessary to be preliminary screened on infectious, genetic or bacterial diseases, you should consult the reproduction scientist. Also, the artificial insemination process, where the donor’s sperm is used, is monitored by a fertility clinic that cooperates with a sperm donor bank. But due to our medical advances it is also possible to carry out an insemination at home. In this case, you should consult a specialist that will give related instructions and buy an artificial insemination kit.

Who is suitable for such an infertility treatment as artificial insemination?

For such a procedure usually apply the couples, where a male partner has physical problems that make a sexual intercourse impossible. When a man’s sperm quality issues such as low motility, or low sperm production or when the cause of infertility is unknown. Artificial insemination is used when the woman has unreceptive cervical mucus. Also it is suitable for the lesbian couples, who use donor’s sperm for impregnation.

Should there be a special preparation for a man before the procedure?

The man should be tested on transmissible diseases and shouldn’t have sex for two-five days to have high density semen.

What is the pregnancy rate after artificial insemination?

Usually, the process takes from half a year to a year if it is performed regularly. Every fifth woman gets pregnant after the very first procedure, and every second after the sixth-seventh.

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