1. You send us a request, indicating which type of service you are interested in. Just need basic information about you. Name, age, country of residence, state of your health.

2. We contact you and organize a Skype conference if you wish, where we can get acquainted and discuss all the issues. The goal of the consult is to leave you informed, inspired and empowered to take the next step. The consultation is to help you understand the surrogacy process, find out exactly who our surrogates are, and discover what to expect when this process will begin.

3. We send you the test list that you need to do before the program begins. We are waiting for the results and ready to start.

4. You get a database of surrogate mothers and egg donors. Choose two donors and a surrogate mother (depending on the program)

5. Preparation of surrogate mother and donor, synchronization of cycles, will not take more than a month. So in a month you can already fly to Georgia. Nationals of the most countries may visit Georgia without a visa for a year. Our coordinator meet you at the airport and will support you at all stages of your journey.

6. In the case of a program include egg donation, your stay in Georgia will not take more than 2-3 days. In the case without a donor, a maximum of 12-14 (for all necessary medical procedures ). You will be able to meet with the surrogate mother, our team, the doctor, and also sign the contracts. We ensure that all surrogacy contracts clearly establish and protect the intended parents’ legal rights and state the specific intentions of both parties. In addition, we provide guidance and support in obtaining pre or post-birth orders that allow the intended parents to be recognized as the legal parents of the child. Surrogacy agreements are explicitly written to cover all potential outcomes of pregnancy, such as if and when the pregnancy will be terminated or if there will be a selective reduction of fetuses. During this period, you must pay the first installment of the program.

7. You will have to fly Georgia again only for the child and documents. You arrive directly to the delivery.

During pregnancy, you can monitor the status of the surrogate mother and your child online. If you want – to fly as many times as you want. If you want, we can send a surrogate mother to you for the entire period of pregnancy, or only for the last 2 months. All your wishes.

The entire surrogacy program often lasts from 10 to 12 months. From application to child, we provide you with guidance, expertise and support through every step.

We guarantee the transparency of all stages and also legal support of all issues concerning documents and contracts with the surrogate mother.

We are responsible for the whole process and are available for communication 24 hours.

The main thing is your desire, and our professional help.

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