sperm washing


Each parent wants to make best for his/her child, even if the baby wasn’t even born.  And their primer wish, of course, lies in desire to give a birth to a healthy kid. All the parents want to be completely sure that they do everything right from the beginning. And when a new little life hasn’t even started, the family is already in quest of the best doctors, the best clinics that will guarantee that everything will be under control and professional monitoring. It’s an ordinary behavior of ordinary future parents. What can we say about couples who have been trying to have their own child for a long time, but because of medical reasons they haven’t succeed?  They seek the last resort that they can rely on and entrust the dearest: the hope to be called “mom” and “dad” one day.

How can semen washing help you to have a strong and healthy baby?

Sperm washing can be carried out as a part of IVF (in vitro fertilization) and a surrogacy. Right after the egg punction, the extracted oocytes are placed together with the sperm on a special dish for some time to imitate natural fertilization process. The fertility doctor can just put all the received sperm without picking specific ones or perform semen purification before the mixing up with eggs.

Sperm washing excludes the risk of genetic diseases transfer from the male’s side. The fertility specialist examines semen on abnormalities and deviations and selects only the strongest and fastest of them. First, it increases the chance to fertilize as many eggs as possible and then to choose from them the healthiest embryo for the transfer. Second, such a strict selection significantly reduces the risk of embryo’s pathology of development.

Why our clients have chosen our clinic for Sperm washing?

Surrogacy Georgia differs from other fertility agencies in the following ways:

  • We guarantee safety, efficiency and high success rate of fertilization. Our staff is ready to deal with the most complicated cases and we are not afraid of such difficulties. We are completely sure in a happy result and will prove it to you;
  • We provide professional and caring medical treatment with an individual approach. Our specialists’ team will take into account all your requirements and peculiarities. That’s why our programs and treatment schemes are flexible. We do not make you pay for nothing, you pay only for what really works for YOU.
  • We have a flexible payment scheme. Fertility treatment can be quite pricey, especially, if you need to go through more than one cycle. That’s why our clinic is always ready to discuss with you the payment methods, and adjust them to meet your needs.

There are much more advantages than those that are mentioned above. But it’s better to come and see it yourself because seeing is believing.

Be sure that we not only promise, we make together with you your confident step towards a happy family life, where you not only have children but they will be healthy, strong and beautiful.

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