Sperm donation allows couples with severe forms of male infertility to acquire a long-awaited pregnancy and give birth to a healthy baby. The use of donor sperm eliminates the risk of transmission of genetic diseases to the child.

And for single women and lesbian couples this is the most optimal way to conceive a child and not depend on circumstances.

Sperm donation is necessary for IVF procedures or artificial insemination, or intrauterine insemination (IUI). In the first case, the fertilization of an egg occurs outside the woman’s body – under laboratory conditions. With artificial insemination, conception is achieved after the introduction of specially prepared sperm into the genital tract.


Sperm donation is absolutely anonymous! Donor sperm is the property of the clinic, and donors do not have access to information about recipients using genetic material.

The donor has no right to claim further on your child or try to track down your family. Moreover, the full incognito remains: the donor does not know who will use his sperm, and the patients will never know the personal details about the anonymous donor.


We provide our clients with donor profiles from the Danish sperm bank and we also have our own database, in which Georgian donors, donors from Cyprus, Turkey, Russia and Ukraine are represented.

To choose the phenotype and other parameters of the donor among such a variety will not be difficult.

To choose the right sperm donor for you, you need to find out which characteristics are important to you. Determining these criteria before you start looking for donors will be helpful and easy for you to choose. Basic information includes a brief description, ethnicity, type of blood, weight, height, eye color and hair color.

Only 5-7% of all donor candidates become sperm donors in our sperm bank.

All sperm donors are carefully selected and screened, so we guarantee that only high-quality sperm is sold for infertility treatment. Everything to ensure you the best chance of success.

We give you the best conditions for a successful pregnancy, and we are with you at every step: from the moment you decide to have a baby, choose the right sperm donor before the birth of your child.

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