No Limits

Miracle baby works with heterosexual, homosexual couples, singles, regardless their origin and religion. Our practice provides exceptional care in reproductive medicine to all individuals.


Gender Selection

Balance your family with gender selection. Success with IVF-PGD approaches 100% worldwide. Our program reports an 65-70% chance of achieving the desired gender outcome with sperm separation and a 99-100% assurance with IVF-PGD.


LGBT Families

We are proud to offer our services to the LGBT community, and we have had great success assisting LGBT intended parents on their rewarding and complex journey to parenthood.


Surrogacy Georgia is an international agency that specializes in surrogate motherhood regardless age, marital status, religion, sexual orientation and gender. 

We have direct connections with leading clinics in New York. Here are both Georgian and foreign doctors and professors who are recognized throughout the world.

Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism, Ultramodern Equipment, and more importantly, a group of clinicians specialists, together with their American colleagues, offer American quality and results of treatment without leaving Georgia, all of which are the main criteria for reproductive success.

We offer World Standards for Infertility Diagnostics and Treatment, Legalized Contracts System, Clinics and Patients, Individual Approach to Patient’s Problem, Complete Confidentiality and Modern Comfort Conditions.

We have 20 years of experience in venture fertilization, constantly improving services and quality control.

Our Agency is a guarantee of trustworthiness because it is only possible to introduce all innovative methods that can be achieved through joint work by scientists and professors in leading clinics of the world.

Privacy and Confidentiality

We eager to provide the best effective solutions for each client. There are available special options of programs’ implementation.

Up to 90% success rate

We are proud of our success rates for pregnancy and live births per transfer. We will work with all couples to reach their individual goals, using the latest and most effective technology available.

No limits

We work with heterosexual, homosexual couples, singles, regardless their origin and religion. Our practice provides exceptional care in reproductive medicine to all individuals.

There is a lot of ambiguity in the legal system of many countries concerning surrogate motherhood ( from total prohibition to legalization) that is based on cultural, moral and religious beliefs. However there is well-settled legislation in Georgia, that allows such fertility treatments as surrogates, sperm and egg donation.

We must say that such a program is entirely legal throughout the whole territory of Georgia. The distinctive feature of Georgian law is an advantage of the biological parents’ rights over the surrogate mother. The surrogate cannot take parental authority over the born baby.

The further favourable outcome of a long awaited event: the birth of a healthy baby heavily depends on the proper legal arrangement of the contract. Our organization can assist you in  solving all the legal issues, connected with the program: from the drafting of the contract for all the parties to baby’s registration.

The surrogate mother programs cost in Georgia is considerably more affordable than the surrogate mother cost in the USA, Australia or Canada – the price of the offered services is 50-70% lower than in other countries.

Unlike other international agencies e.g. in India or Mexico, the serviсes of surrogate agencies in  Georgia one will cost you less even with all travel and lodging expenses

Our main goal is a high rate of pregnancy and a healthy baby!

24/7 Availible

Our customers are supported by competent assistant who is available 24 /7 and who they can get through to using direct phone number.  Our team will encourage you throughout each procedure, will do everything possible to help you to cope with stress reduction and communication improvement, and smoothing the procedure for each party.

No Waiting List

We don’t put you on hold. It would be like postponing fulfilling your dream to start a family soon. From your first enquiry, you are welcome to have your Surrogacy program, IVF, donor sperm or egg treatments at your earliest convenience.

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