In vitro fertilization in Georgia (IVF)

In vitro fertilization allows not only to have a healthy and successful pregnancy…

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Egg donation in Georgia

Surrogacy Agency in Georgia recruit potential egg donors, perform all the preliminary medical examinations, including mental health evaluation and test on genetic disorders.

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Аrtificial insemination

It is an intentional process of sperm transfer into woman’s uterus or cervix  to attain pregnancy. The artificial insemination technique depends on the way of transfer.

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Intracytoplasmic sperm injection ( ICSI)

Despite that the insemination method seems to be quite unnatural…

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Our Fertility Agency and LGBT People: How Do We Manage to Make Happy Anyone?

With the development of modern society, people have started to tolerate many things that they have never tolerated before. What earlier was a taboo now is almost normal. Many dogmas began to loosen their grip and stopped to influence individuals’ mind. However, society still has a suspicious and controversial attitude towards minorities, especially sexual. There … Continue reading



Our international company, the one of the few companies in Georgia, which has a team of extremely knowledgeable specialists and offers a complex package to support surrogate mother program.

Our company was founded in 2002 to make you and your families happy, to give you an opportunity to feel the joy of motherhood, to prevent you from failures and to ensure your reliability, serenity and confidence.

Our organization guarantees a professional and high-quality service, we are ready to help you 24 hours a day, to respond in time to minimize all your probable risks and will be next to you to achieve the desired result.

We can assure that privacy, professionalism and an individual approach are our work principles and our main goal is customers’ satisfaction.

Our surrogate mother agency has all the required experience that will help you to focus on what matters indeed.

Our team will help you to revive positive emotions and we’ll share happiness of your families about the birth of your precious and long-awaited babies.

The surrogate mother program is the only one chance for the women, who for certain reasons cannot carry the baby by themselves, to become a mother. Let us outline the process of it. First, a female ovule of an intended mother or of the donor is fertilized by a spermatozoid of an intended father or a seminal fluid donor. Embryos are held in incubation conditions and then are transferred to surrogate mother’s womb who will carry the baby. The pregnancy goes naturally so the childbirth won’t differ from an ordinary labour.

Our specialists have been dealing with surrogates for a long time and without any hesitation you can fully trust us in this procedure.

We know that you’ve made a long way to have a family and on this way you’ve faced frustration and wasted hopes. Our agency believes that you will see from yourself  that surrogacy is a totally different route, full of true feasibilities and results.

Our team is happy to state that we’ve been chosen by our customers because it is the fastest, the most successful, and gives future parents an opportunity to choose and control by themselves. Moreover, it allows them to have a blood relationship with the child, and to be as deeply engaged as they want during the pregnancy.

Everything is legal

There is a lot of ambiguity in the legal system of many countries concerning surrogate motherhood ( from total prohibition to legalization) that is based on cultural, moral and religious beliefs .However there is well-settled legislation in Georgia, that allows such fertility treatments as surrogates, sperm and egg donation. We must say that such a program is entirely legal throughout the whole territory of Georgia. The distinctive feature of Georgian law is an advantage of the biological parents’ rights over the surrogate mother. The surrogate cannot take parental authority over the born baby. The further favourable outcome of a long awaited event: the birth of a healthy baby heavily depends on the proper legal arrangement of the contract. Our organization can assist you in  solving all the legal issues, connected with the program: from the drafting of the contract for all the parties to baby’s registration.

The cost

Besides the payment to the surrogate mother , the cost of the surrogate program includes the expenditures on all the necessary procedures:

  • Medical examination of the surrogate mother
  • Extracorporeal fertilization
  • Medicines for the surrogate mother
  • Surrogate mother’s maintenance throughout the pregnancy
  • Monitoring and continuation of the pregnancy, labour
  • The legal part of the whole program “Surrogate mother”
  • Surcharge to the surrogate mother for the multiple pregnancy.

The surrogate mother programs cost in Georgia is considerably more affordable than the surrogate mother cost in the USA, Australia or Canada – the price of the offered services is 50-70% lower than in other countries.

Unlike other international agencies e.g. in India or Mexico, the serviсes of surrogate agencies in  Georgia one will cost you less even with all travel and lodging expenses.

Individual approach

All  our customers are supported by our competent assistant who is available 24 /7 and who they can get through to using direct phone number.  Our specialists are all among the most highly proficient in dealing with assisted reproduction. Our team will encourage you throughout each procedure, will do everything possible to help you to cope with stress reduction and communication improvement, and smoothing the procedure for each party.

Our surrogate mother agency is eager to provide the best effective solutions for each client. Taking into account that our clients are mostly public figures of so-called “VIP category”, there are available special options of programs’ implementation. Managers and attorneys will definitely consider particular business of the client and other points of the program organization.

Our company works with heterosexual, homosexual couples, singles, regardless their origin and religion.

Why you should choose us?

Our highly professional staff can arrange all the necessary services  for surrogacy procedure. Our team is extremely skillful and cooperative to make your surrogacy run smoothly and without any flaws. Our surrogate mother program includes myriad of  ways to improve organization of your services and therefore to keep your expenditures at affordable level.

Our international customers believe that surrogate program is the right option for them, but it appeared for them to be fairly difficult to  find the encouragement, resources or legal support to attain it in their motherland.

No matter whether you’re in search for a surrogate mother or already have chosen one, we assist our future parents from the very first step to the childbirth. To create the best matches, our team members get acquainted with our surrogates and intended parents. Among our company’s key features are flexibility and consistency due to which we can offer your individual  approaches to design your ideal personal story and relationship. Our surrogate mother agency cooperates with highly skillful legal experts and only the best medical centers and specialists.

If the international future parents would like to spend more time with their surrogate and be present at medical appointments and procedures,  they may come to Georgia as often as they wish. Besides, many keep in touch with their surrogates during and after the pregnancy via email, phone, and Skype.

Our philosophy

Our Company can give you the shortest possible way to a healthy pregnancy.
With the help of our staff you’ll be able to access the most advanced and  cutting-edge technologies in the world.
Our team members empower both patients and physicians  with insight, education and clinical research options.

We ensure to convey you clearly your diagnosis, your fertility, and your treatment options.
Our specialists are eager to help you to choose what’s right for you.

And our staff guarantees the listening, compassion, and emotional support whenever you need throughout the program — without pressure or judgment.

At Our Agency, you’re a person, not just a record. And you aren’t alone.

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