Since the beginning of the 20th century medicine has started to make giant leaps in medical technologies and methods of treatment. Many diseases that used to be incurable in the past now can be easily treated, controlled and prevented. And the fertility issues are not an exception. With the introduction of in vitro fertilization (IVF), artificial insemination and other infertility solutions the childless couples received a one-of-a-kind chance to gain their personal happiness and to become a full family.

Apart from being a highly successful infertility treatment, IVF has proved to have a wide range of advantages both for intended parents and for the future child. For example, pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS) helps not only to choose the sex of an embryo but also to check the right number of chromosomes. Nowadays, it is the only method that has a 100% sex selection guarantee. One more realm that opens in vitro fertilization is pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) that is extremely beneficial for the couples that are concerned about genetically transmitted diseases, for example, hemophilia. PGD helps to identify the embryos that may carry such illnesses and to select the healthiest one.  Both pre-implantation screening and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis are absolutely harmless to the embryo and to the mother and do not cause any complications that may influence the IVF procedure. PGS and PGD increase significantly the implantation success rate and chance to give a birth to a strong and a healthy child of a preferred gender.

Gender Selection in the USA Vs Gender Selection in Georgia

Pre-implantation screening and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis are usually additional parts of an in vitro fertilization procedure. For example, PGD in the USA can add up to $ 10000 to your final bill. On the other hand, PGD in Georgia is much more affordable. Of course, the price depends heavily on a clinic in vitro fertilization takes place in but in our clinic it can be twice less expensive comparing to the US. Also, a lot of fertility clinics in Georgia offer special deals if you are applying for an infertility treatment package. It is especially convenient for the couples that resort to the surrogacy and where IVF is a part of the process. For example, due to these deals PGD and PGS can cost 50% less or even be a complimentary service. You may ask for a rebate on pre-implantation genetic diagnosis if you have to go through the procedure several times. Moreover, most IVF clinics in Georgia, Tbilisi offer an adjustable payment policy that can be negotiated and that makes Georgia a favorable destination for fertility tourism. Our clinic has been working in an infertility treatment sphere for a long time and we can be proud of our highly professional and experienced team who helped hundreds of families to gain their happiness. The list of our satisfied customers includes not only our native clients but also foreign ones from America and Europe. Our medical center offers a wide range of services including pre-implantation screening and pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and we would be glad to consult you on any of services you are interested in. Our prices will be also a pleasant surprise for you.  Also we would gladly assist you in adjusting your payment plan.

In any case, fertility medicine provided us with the unique opportunity for the healthy and happy future through our future generations. We can grant our children with the best present: the life without incurable diseases. And the most sensible decision that parents can ever make is to use the advantages of the recent medical break-through like pre-implantation genetic diagnosis for the good of their kids.

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