When donor egg cycle fail


egg donorCan you imagine anything so elevating as to find out that you’re pregnant after so many days and years of failures, heartaches, stresses, desperation and disappointment? To feel, that your dream is within a reach now, that pulls you together and makes you want to live again and hug the entire world? And now, imagine that your dream shatters into many pieces, pain destroys you and your nearest and dearest are desperate to help and support but there is no remedy .That is nearly what the couples go through when in vitro fertilization didn’t succeed and no words can describe their internal desolation when it fails not for the first time. But what is the reason why ivf fails? Why do egg donor cycles fail? Is it just bad luck or something else? Let’s look into details.

What is egg donation cycle?

Egg donation cycle is a period from ovaries suppression to oocytes retrieval. On average, the whole process takes 1- 1,5 months, depending on how donor’s organism responds to the medication. During this time the woman is injected or sprayed with special stimulation hormone to boost egg follicles growth. When the tests show that there are enough oocytes to be removed, the woman is given a special injection to stimulate ovulation. No later than in thirty-six hours the eggs should be retrieved.

When egg donor ivf fails?

Egg donation cycle can have flaws from the very beginning. The egg donor’s body may refuse to respond to the hormones or give a poor reaction that’s why the woman’s body may produce only few mature oocytes that won’t be enough for fertilization. The inseminated egg follicles may not develop into an embryo since the cells within don’t multiply. But there is a possibility of failure even if a healthy embryo is transferred successfully since there is still a high risk that it won’t stick to the uterus or soon afterwards it will result in miscarriage. egg donors

Why egg donor cycles fail?

Unfortunately, no one can predict with 100% guarantee that the egg donation cycle and in vitro fertilization cycle will succeed. The human body is still not well-studied and there are many unexpected things that may happen during preparation and procedure. Generally, the pregnancy success rate from ivf with the help egg donation is 70%-80%, that comparing to other infertility treatment methods is quite high. But the process isn’t flawless and has 20%-30% of deviation. The main reasons why donor egg ivf fails are: low-quality medications, since some irresponsible in vitro agencies want to save money and use cheap and untested drugs; an irresponsible egg donor that misses required procedures regularly: side effects of hormones that may result in low oocytes production: the low quality of sperm, that an egg is inseminated with; immature or defective egg follicles were retrieved and fertilized, and an intended mother’s health issues that may lead to miscarriage. And moreover there are still unknown reasons why egg donation fails as a part of ivf. A lot of women should repeat the procedure again simply because the inseminated eggs didn’t transform into embryo.

But all in all, in spite of being not such a  perfect infertility treatment solution, egg donation together with in vitro fertilization  gives the childless families more advantages. Among the most valuable pros is possibility to choose only the best and healthiest gametes that will affect in a positive way a future child’s health. Though to have complete information you should consult an expert.


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