How does egg donation work?

As one of the integral parts of infertility solutions, egg donation plays a significant role in assisted reproduction program. Due to this method, women, whose infertility is caused by medical illnesses can conceive a baby.

how does egg donation process workThis procedure takes place in egg donation agencies. Egg donation centers recruit potential egg donors, perform all the preliminary medical examinations, including mental health evaluation and test on genetic disorders. Also their services may include the selection of the necessary candidate for egg donation for infertile families, depending on the relations they want to have with the ova donor. In case they would like to get to know the woman personally, the egg donation agency can arrange their meeting with the consent of their potential candidate or provide her contact information. If the donor wants to remain anonymous, the doctor can help intended parents to choose the best match based on the similarity to the client’s temper and physical appearance.

If a woman decides to become an egg donor she should understand how egg donation works.

Nowadays the procedure of oocytes donation is absolutely safe if it is carried out by professional fertility specialists who monitor donor’s state of health throughout the ovaries stimulation.

How does egg donation process work?

The egg donation procedure is prescribed only by a fertility doctor after the detailed checkup and medical screening. It is necessary for all the parts that participate in egg donation: the intended parents, egg recipient, egg donor and a future child to avoid possible medical issues. It worth mentioning that all of them should understand how do egg donations works to prevent possible drawbacks and perform it the best way possible. After the first step, when the medical examination is taken and the medical history is filled in, the specialist orders to start the procedure of ovulation stimulation. It is conducted to get the biggest number of mature and suitable for insemination oocytes during one menstrual cycle. The doctor chooses the dosage of medication, its scheme and sequence that is called protocol of stimulation. During the stimulation process the dosage can be corrected individually according to the monitoring of ovarian response and endometrium condition.

The process of ovary stimulation is performed with the help of medication injection takes from 10 to 12 days. A lot of pharmaceutical companies offer convenient pens to carry out the injections and after the nurse’s instructions the preparation for the egg donation can be partially made at home.

how do egg donations workDuring the stage of hormonal stimulation the fertilization specialist monitors patient’s state of ovaries and follicles production. As soon as a few oocytes gain their proper size from 18 to 20 mm, the woman gets the final shot of human choriogonadotropin to complete the follicles grows stimulation and stops the drugs intake. After this injection the ovulation occurs in 37-40 hours.

When ovulation is attained, the doctor performs the follicular puncture as a part of oocyte donation. The puncture takes place in a medical center and with the help of ultrasound scan. Follicular puncture is an aspiration (pumping out the follicular fluid) from ovaries by means of a long thin needle to retrieve mature eggs. The doctor punctures the volva wall with the needle . A syringe is adjusted to the needle and follicular fluid together with an oocytes is pumped out.

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