Can egg donation cause cancer?

Recently, the media burst out with allegations from former egg donors, that egg donation caused their breast or ovarian cancer. The doctors, on the contrary, claim that there is no clinically proved evidence, that egg donation can result in any type of cancer and that the risk of getting one is not higher than for the women who haven’t undergone this procedure.

But where is the truth?

Does egg donation cause cancer or there are just false accusations?

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Recent medical researches haven’t showed any relation between the cancer occurrence and egg donation. But it’s half true. Not many women agree to donate eggs more than 2-3 times, such short-term procedures do not influence the health a lot. But what about those who donate regularly, can egg donation cause cancer in their organisms?

Hypothetically, yes. These egg donors are injected with a high dose of estrogen, constant overdose of which can lead to a benign or malignant tumor.

If the woman is injected constantly, the body doesn’t have enough time to recover and it results in hormonal swings. Also, a lot of reputable medical centers that specialize in infertility treatment, include in an interview with a candidate the questions about their family background: average lifespan of close relatives, genetic diseases and cancer.

If candidate’s mother, grandmother, sister or aunt have suffered from premenopausal cancer, her candidacy will be turned down to avoid possible risks since the hereditary factor of cancer is dangerous both for an egg donor and a future baby.

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