Can egg donation make you infertile?

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Nowadays, numerous medical centers that specialize in infertility treatment offer a wide range of solutions for people, who are eager to have their own babies. They enumerate a great number of benefits, efficiency rates but rarely say about disadvantages. Undoubtedly, the women who consent to help families to father the baby and give it life, act decently and deserve respect despite the fact they are usually paid. Unlike surrogacy, egg donation in Georgia doesn’t cause so much disapproval in society. And it boosts candidates’ motivation two times.
What can be better than to be financially rewarded for the honorable deed?

But is egg donation made just of advantages?

 Well, as any medical procedure that is implemented along with drug intake, egg donation may have some drawbacks for a donor. If the woman is in an excellent health condition, deals with a reliable ivf clinic that has skillful staff and uses high-quality medications, the whole procedure will go smoothly. But in any case, the potential egg donor should be informed about possible side effects of the procedure. The most frequently asked question by candidates is: does egg donation make you infertile?

It should be explained, that egg donation is a rather non-hazardous medical operation that requires preliminary preparation: ovarian stimulation. The oocytes retrieval procedure usually goes without any negative consequences but the previous hormonal stimulation may have some serious side effects on donor’s organism. The most feasible complication is ovarian overstimulation syndrome that can have the following symptoms: digestive and hormonal misbalance issues. There can be even more severe side effects: ovarian rupture, ovarian torsion etc. that influence directly the reproductive system.

To prevent these possible drawbacks, the preliminary diagnosis should be made. The risk factors that may result in ovarian overstimulation are :polycystic ovary syndrome, high level of estrogen, underweight, age over 30. So, if the candidate has one of these points, her candidacy is turned down. To sum up, to have a positive outcome after the egg donation both pros and cons should be carefully weighed.


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