How does egg donation work?

As one of the integral parts of infertility solutions, egg donation plays a significant role in assisted reproduction program. Due to this method, women, whose infertility is caused by medical illnesses can conceive a baby. This procedure takes place in egg donation agencies. Egg donation centers recruit potential egg donors, perform all the preliminary medical … Continue reading

19.06.2017 Egg donation

LGBT surrogacy services in Georgia

Surrogacy services have given childless couples and individuals a one-of-a-kind opportunity to have their own baby. Even though, surrogacy was introduced not so long ago, it has become a silver lining and the best alternative to adoption. Especially, it is appreciated by LGBT families and singles. More and more countries allow LGBT people (lesbian, gay, … Continue reading

15.06.2017 Surrogacy in georgia

Can egg donation make you infertile?

Nowadays, numerous medical centers that specialize in infertility treatment offer a wide range of solutions for people, who are eager to have their own babies. They enumerate a great number of benefits, efficiency rates but rarely say about disadvantages. Undoubtedly, the women who consent to help families to father the baby and give it life, … Continue reading

08.05.2017 Egg donation
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