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How IVF works step by step

When a couple decides on in vitro fertilization (IVF), the first thing they should do is to find a good fertility clinic with professional staff, especially a fertility doctor and an embryologist. Before the first visit to the reproductive doctor it is advisable to collect all the related analyses, ultrasound records, medical screening results etc. … Continue reading

12.07.2018 Surrogacy in georgia

Our Fertility Agency and LGBT People: How Do We Manage to Make Happy Anyone?

With the development of modern society, people have started to tolerate many things that they have never tolerated before. What earlier was a taboo now is almost normal. Many dogmas began to loosen their grip and stopped to influence individuals’ mind. However, society still has a suspicious and controversial attitude towards minorities, especially sexual. There … Continue reading

28.02.2018 Surrogacy in georgia

Artificial insemination questions to ask

Even though artificial insemination technique is not a new infertility treatment solution it still raises a myriad of questions by donors, by infertile couples and by recipients. The first and foremost: what is artificial insemination? Artificial insemination is an alternative fertilize approach, when the male semen is transferred directly into uterus to achieve pregnancy in … Continue reading

07.08.2017 Surrogacy in georgia

What is artificial insemination in humans?

What is an artificial insemination? Due to the recent breakthrough in reproduction science, a lot of couples and singles, who couldn’t have their own baby, were given such an opportunity. To one of the widely available reproduction approaches belongs artificial insemination. Artificial insemination is a type of treatment solutions to overcome infertility. It is an … Continue reading

21.07.2017 Surrogacy in georgia

Egg donation definition

Egg donation appeared not so long ago. This reproductive medicine breakthrough was performed in the 20th century, in the early nineteen-eighties. The first child that was born due to egg donation came in our world in Australia. Soon afterwards doctors in South California emulated the success of their Australian colleagues. Egg donation has started to … Continue reading

03.07.2017 Egg donation

When donor egg cycle fail

  Can you imagine anything so elevating as to find out that you’re pregnant after so many days and years of failures, heartaches, stresses, desperation and disappointment? To feel, that your dream is within a reach now, that pulls you together and makes you want to live again and hug the entire world? And now, … Continue reading

20.06.2017 Egg donation

How does egg donation work?

As one of the integral parts of infertility solutions, egg donation plays a significant role in assisted reproduction program. Due to this method, women, whose infertility is caused by medical illnesses can conceive a baby. This procedure takes place in egg donation agencies. Egg donation centers recruit potential egg donors, perform all the preliminary medical … Continue reading

19.06.2017 Egg donation
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