When is artificial insemination used?

A lot of fertility clinics want to support infertile couples and single women, who have decided on the artificial insemination procedure. Unfortunately, not everything runs smoothly in life. Someone has difficulties with conceiving a baby. Other – with meeting a life partner, who will become a father of their child. But due to modern medical advances it is possible to gain happiness and avoid adoption. Although, the artificial insemination isn’t that new and has been successfully applied to animals since the eighteenth century, it still raises some questions.

Why is artificial insemination used?

There a lot of reasons why intended parents resort to this infertility treatment. The statistics shows, that the applicants’ tendency has been changing. If at the onset of artificial insemination implementation on humans most clients of the fertility clinics were infertile traditional couples. Today more and more lesbian couples and single women want to benefit from this treatment. The families mostly seek the medical assistance with fertility specialists because of medically confirmed male infertility such as:

low or no production of sperm,

low count, density or motility of the semen,

inability to conceive a child due to natural sexual intercourse,

problems with erection and ejaculating.

However, there can be also one main female infertility problem: dysfunction of cervical mucus.

When is artificial insemination used

When is artificial insemination used?

Artificial insemination (AI) is most commonly used, when the couple has failed to conceive a baby for more than one year. By means of natural intercourse and has undergone a medical examination that proved female fertility and male infertility issues. Similarly, it may be applied to couples with unexplained infertility. Moreover, AI can be the only one solution for single women and lesbian couples, if they want to be genetically linked to the infant.

Where is artificial insemination used?

Artificial insemination can be used as separate procedure, when the intended mother (recipient) has no fertility issues and has regular menstrual cycle. It can be a part of in vitro fertilization when both partners in the family have problems with reproduction, but the woman is healthy enough to carry and deliver the baby herself. In this case procedure is performed with the help of an egg and sperm donors.   Therefore alI may be used in surrogacy as well.

It is still not very common to speak openly about the reproduction issues but you shouldn’t be ashamed of your problems. As a result artificial insemination helps more and more couples every year, and it can make you and your relatives completely happy. Conceiving a baby is a private thing, that will involve just you, your partner and the doctor so you don’t have to be afraid that your secret will be revealed. Let artificial insemination be your lucky chance!

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