Аdvantages of artificial insemination

Artificial insemination(AI) is an assisted approach to help childless couples to cope with severe male infertility issues and to achieve pregnancy and most commonly  is carried out as a supplementary part of  IVF(In vitro fertilization). Despite that the insemination method seems to be quite unnatural, the embryos that were created due to intracytoplasmic sperm injection do not differ from ordinary embryos. And children, who were born afterwards owing to AI and in vitro treatment, have equal mental and physical abilities as non-in vitro babies. There is a slight difference between in vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination (AI) and it starts on embryological level after female eggs. In IVF the egg and the sperm are intermixed and left on the dish to imitate the natural intercourse. Artificial insemination doesn’t require any surgical intervention. .This technique depends on the way of transfer. If it is an intracervical one,  the process may not require any medical assistance for insemination. Intracervical insemination (ICI) imitates the natural way of insemination and will be the best solution for healthy women with no menstrual cycle problems who have no male partner. It also can be performed even at home with the help of artificial insemination kit. It can help couples who are eager to boost their chances to get pregnant. On the other hand, Intrauterine insemination (IUI) does require professional guidance and monitoring. It cannot be performed at home, as the husband’s or donor’s sperm is transmitted directly into recipient’s (intended mother’s) uterus or fallopian tubes. Usually, IUI has higher pregnancy rate than ICI.


Advantages of artificial insemination in humans.

The main  advantages of artificial insemination by husband and  by donor is that it can solve the problem of unexplained male and female infertility, when the causes of it are unknown and undefined .Nowadays, unfortunately,  there are more and more such cases in the world and  families have to seek the medical support to conceive a baby.

The leading reasons why couples have to use artificial insemination by donor are serious male and female fertility disorders as:

  • Low sperm count;
  • Abnormal sperm morphology, bad motility;
  • Low sperm production or no production owing to genetic disease or other illnesses;
  • Issues with erection and ejuculating;
  • Sexual dysfunction because of  physical and psychological reasons;
  • Trauma of reproductive organs;
  • Unreceptive cervical mucus.

Also this way is preferred by lesbian couples and single woman.

The main artificial insemination benefits

The main artificial insemination benefits are:

  • The possibility to use this approach at home after specialist’s instructions;
  • This technique can  be used with fresh, washed and frozen semen;
  • This procedure is safe and requires minimum invasion and hormonal stimulation;
  • The risk of infections is relatively low;
  • The sperm can be pre-screened on sexually transmitted diseases and other bacterial and infectious diseases.
  • Only viable sperm is chosen that increases the chances of having a healthy embryo.


It is expected, that in 2017 there will be more artificial insemination requests compared with previous years, taking into account disappointing medical statistics. In addition to being the most frequently prescribed treatment against severe male infertility cases, it has numerous pros that make artificial insemination approach very popular and highly efficient. Despite of its expensiveness and that it can be quite time-consuming, this way is the best for the couples and single women, who want to have genetic relation to the baby and avoid resorting to adoption.

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