Surrogacy Georgia Agency cooperate with the best clinics of Georgia and Cyprus.


We have 20 years of experience in venture fertilization, constantly improving services and quality control. We have direct connections with leading clinics in New York. Here are both Georgian and foreign doctors and professors who are recognized throughout the world.


The main direction of the clinic is vitro fertilization, although it includes all areas that serve the health of women.


We offer World Standards for Infertility Diagnostics and Treatment, Legalized Contracts System, Clinics and Patients, Individual Approach to Patient’s Problem, Complete Confidentiality and Modern Comfort Conditions.


Pleasant and warm atmosphere, modern technological equipment, highly qualified and experienced medical personnel leaves a positive impression on the couple who get here.

Up to 90% success rate

Surrogacy Georgia are proud of our success rates for pregnancy and live births per transfer. We will work with all couples to reach their individual goals, using the latest and most effective technology available.

The clinic is equipped with the ultra-modern equipment of European and American manufacturer companies. Diagnostic base provides all the necessary research for complex diagnostics of gynecological and androgal patients, as well as infertile couples. The full spectrum of laboratory investigations is carried out – blood, biochemical, hormonal and genetic analysis of blood. Diagnostic laboratory is equipped with automatic analyzers that provide accurate results. The clinic is equipped with a cytogenetic laboratory where chromosomal and genetic examinations are performed.

Surrogate motherhood is not just an infertility treatment approach but a chance for childless parents to regain Faith, Hope and Love in their babies. Our clinic will do everything possible to make your lifelong dream come true.

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