Artificial insemination is one of the widespread treatment solutions to deal with infertility. It is an intentional process of sperm transfer into woman’s uterus or cervix  to attain pregnancy. The artificial insemination technique depends on the way of transfer. If it is an intracervical one,  the process may not require any medical assistance for insemination.

Intracervical insemination imitates the natural way of insemination. It will be the best solution for healthy women with no menstrual cycle problems who have no male partner. Intrauterine insemination does require professional guidance and monitoring. Generally, it takes place in laboratories of artificial insemination clinics and is a part of assisted reproduction technology, mostly in vitro procedures. This process is far more complicated than the previous one.
First, the sperm is purged from chemicals and only after that it is transferred to the woman’s uterus. It not only makes insemination more challenging but also a lot more expensive.

Intrauterine insemination method is preferable for heterosexual couples. When , for example, a male partner has male infertility issues or a woman has an immune system problem and her body rejects the sperm. Also,for those homosexual couples, who want to have their own child, artificial insemination will be a good option.

Before the process, the sperm is meticulously examined on sperm quality and motility.The sperm can be given by woman’s partner or a sperm donor. The female periods are observed precisely as well. And if there are no problems with ovulation and sperm the artificial insemination doctor will likely advise the natural cycle of insemination. In case the natural cycle fails, the women are usually prescribed with hormonal ovarian stimulation to achieve pregnancy.  The success of artificial insemination depends heavily on many factors. Mainly on the severeness of the infertility issue and cause of it. If it is unexplained infertility, artificial insemination may be no more helpful than the ordinary way of conception.Age and lifestyle also belong to influential aspects.

Pros And Cons of Artificial Insemination

There are numerous advantages of artificial insemination technique. First of  all, it is less expensive than IVF. Secondly, it is not too invasive. Thirdly, it is not painful for both partners.Moreover, the sperm is previously examined so it can reduce the risk of possible genetic illnesses of the future child. The main disadvantage of this process is timing. When the female egg is released and the ovulation starts, the procedure should be performed not later than in 36 hours. To carry out the insemination, the  semen must be collected, washed (sperm separated from semen and  purged from prostaglandins hormones) and transferred into female uterine. Also, there is little risk of bacterial infection and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, that may give quite uncomfortable feelings. But it vanishes soon without any special treatment.

To have the best results possible the medical center should be evaluated and selected thoroughly. As well as the doctor and staff it will perform. To find the best clinics along with doctors in Georgia it would be useful to locate clinics near you. Because it may help you to cut down travel expenses; to search for all the necessary information and to read reviews about insemination. Also, for those who would like to find the most reasonable price on artificial insemination in Georgia should collect the most information from the agencies. And estimate from doctors because the artificial insemination cost in Georgia may vary, depending on the status of the center and expenses the procedure includes.

Artificial Insemination Cost

Regardless the provided service is carried out in a USA artificial insemination clinic  or in Georgian one, the cost of artificial insemination usually includes the following:

  • Medicine you require e.g. for ovulation stimulation;
  • Health insurance coverage;
  • The artificial insemination procedure itself ;
  • Additional fees if you use donor’s sperm;
  • Payments to the clinic and legal adjustment fees in case you use donor’s sperm.

Overall cost in the USA including all the expenses ranges from 11.000 to 15.000 depending on the state. The cost of artificial insemination in Georgia is considerably more competitive due to lower cost of medical services, medicines and legal support. This affordable prices make Georgia one of the most attractive destinations for fertility treatments.

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